Sunday, January 24, 2010

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Changing Your Address In The US, Postal Service

Are you relocating in the US or in another State? Do you want to move your residence but still do not want to miss receiving communications including bills? If so, then you will need to submit a change of address notice to the United States Postal Services to be sure you will never miss your communication, letters, and bills.

There are several ways to inform the United State Postal Service of your change of address.

You will need to submit this notice at least two weeks from your intended move to the new address. This is because mails are usually received and delivered somewhere within this time.

How to send the change of address notice?

Usually, you can get the change of address form in the Untied States Postal Services.

You can fill up this change of address form online and submit it right in the website.

The second option is to print the change of address form, fill it up and send it to the US postal services office.

The third option is to call the US postal Services Hotline and provide the change of address information.

What are the details you need to provide the US Postal Services?

Detail of the old address including house or building number, street name, city, state and the zip code.
Details of the new address including house or building number, street name, city, state and the zip code.
Information whether it is permanent or temporary move to the new address.
Effectivity of the change of address or when the US postal services will start delivering your mails to the new address.

If you submit your change of address notice online or through the US Postal services hotline, you may also need to provide you credit card information because the verification fee will be charged to your credit card. You can avoid this charge by using, changing your address through is free of charge.